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17 Apr 2015

Academic and Personal Tutoring is the focus for April in the Centre for Academic Practice

Each month in 2015, the staff in the Centre for Academic Practice will be offering workshops and informal sessions and be regularly posting to their blog on a specific topic. They will also be running an open forum at the end of each month.

April’s focus is on Academic and Personal Tutoring.

Coming up this month -


Academic and Personal Tutoring - Friday 24 April

Coffee and cake sessions:

Peer Support Demystified - Tuesday 21 April

How Co-Tutor can support tutoring - Thursday 23 April

Please register your attendance at the workshops and sessions via my.HR



All are welcome but please e-mail  if you’re intending to come along. Please also let us know in advance if there are any specific aspects of assessment you would like to discuss.

Dr Carol Robinson, Director, Centre for Academic Practice, said: “I am delighted to introduce this initiative which we are piloting this year. Each month we will focus on a particular aspect of academic practice and organise a number of activities which support your development in these areas. 

“I hope you are able to participate and join us if possible.”