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10 Apr 2015

Put your questions to the Loughborough constituency candidates in election forum

Loughborough Students’ Union and the Department of Politics, History & International Relations will co-host an election forum with the five Loughborough constituency candidates represented in the forthcoming election.

The event will offer you the opportunity to pose your questions to the candidates either verbally, by email or Twitter. Each candidate will present a five minute speech, followed by a question and answer session and finally, a two minute statement which will conclude the discussion.

The constituency candidates represented are:

  • Steve Coltman (Liberal Democrats)
  • Nicky Morgan MP (Conservative)
  • Matthew O'Callaghan (Labour)
  • Bill Piper (UKIP)
  • Matt Sisson (Green)

The Election Forum will take place on Tuesday 28 April in the Stewart Mason Building, room SMB.0.14.