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1 Sep 2014

HP product recall - check laptop and docking station power cords

HP cable

HP have issued a product recall notice for a particular model of power cord, which was supplied with some laptops and docking stations, as there is a potential fault with the cord.

We need anyone who has an HP laptop or HP docking station to check the power cords to identify if their cable is affected by the recall.

The affected power cords have ‘LS-15’ marked on the end. To identify if you have one of these power cords please follow the instructions below as issued by HP:

  1. Disconnect the PC notebook or accessory AC adapter AC power cord from the wall outlet or mains supply.
  2. Check the AC adapter end of the AC power cord for the marking ‘LS-15’ molded into the connector (as shown below).
  3. If you have one of the affected power cable please leave it disconnected and contact the IT Service Desk on ext. 222333

If you do not have ‘LS-15’ on the connector, the power cord is not affected.