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23 Sep 2014

Direct Vision lorries would save hundreds of lives, says Loughborough study

A longer, more aerodynamic cab with better vision for lorry drivers could save the lives of hundreds of cyclists and pedestrians, according to a new study by academics at Loughborough University’s Design School.

The proposed new cab, 80cm longer with a rounded nose, smaller dashboard, expanded glazed areas, and a slightly lower driver position, could drastically reduce blind spots around the lorry.

The ‘Direct Vision’ lorry concept would increase the driver’s field of view in front and to the sides of the lorry by 50 per cent compared to today’s lorry designs and could save the lives of cyclists and pedestrians.

That’s the major finding of a study by Dr Steve Summerskill and Dr Russell Marshall, from the Loughborough Design School (1), which was commissioned by Transport for London (TfL) and Transport &Environment (T&E).

Dr.Summerskill, project lead of ‘Direct Vision’ concept, said: “Blind Spots can be a significant factor in fatal accidents. The study shows that the size of these blind spots can be minimised through improved cab design, the reduction of cab height and the addition of extra windows.”

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