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20 Mar 2014

Finalists: Complete the NSS and Tweet – for the chance to win a goodie bag

When you’ve completed the National Student Survey (NSS), Tweet Becky Lauder-Fletcher, LSU VP Education – @VPeducation_LSU – and you could win a free goodie bag!

The NSS only takes a few minutes, and you’ll be helping future students make the right choices about where and what to study.

It’s a national, independent and anonymous survey of final year students and is an opportunity to give feedback on your time at Loughborough – which will help us to shape the University and the Loughborough Experience for other students, both now and in the future.

Go to to take part. Complete it now, as Ipsos MORI, who manage the survey, will send you reminders.

For more information – including details of how we’ve already been enhancing the Loughborough Student Experience following your feedback – go to