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29 Jan 2014

Criminology Prof provides evidence to Justice Select Committee

Professor Andromachi Tseloni Andromachi Tseloni

Loughborough Professor Andromachi Tseloni has given evidence on the crime drop and related issues at the Justice Select Committee on Crime Reduction Policies.

Professor Tseloni, a Professor of Criminology in the University’s Social Sciences department, joined colleagues from Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, Ipsos MORI, and Birkbeck University to provide expert evidence to the committee.

The session covered crime rates, reconviction rates and public opinion, including whether crime is falling and if so, what is driving it.

The Justice Select Committee's inquiry into Crime reduction policies: a co-ordinated approach? explores the Government’s approach to cutting crime from its use of resources and cost-effectiveness to the contribution of existing sentencing, prison and probation policies on reducing crime rates.

View footage from the session here.