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23 Apr 2014

Participants needed for new HIT study

University researchers are looking to recruit participants for a study investigating how High-intensity Interval Training (HIT) can best be used to help people who are overweight.

SSEHS academics have developed a short training programme combining aerobic exercise with resistance training which they believe could aid weight loss and improve the health of some of the country’s most inactive groups.

In the latest phase of the project, they are undertaking a series of tests to assess the body’s biological responses to this exercise. Specifically, they are looking at how satellite cells, which initiate muscle growth, in the muscle respond to high-intensity interval exercise.

Researchers are looking to recruit non-smoking males and females aged 18-60 with a BMI of 27 and over to the study.

Participants will be required to visit the laboratory on seven separate occasions – four of which will involve exercise testing. As part of the study, volunteers will receive a comprehensive health and fitness evaluation and supervised exercise training.

Anyone interested in taking part should contact Jamie Pugh on 07891 877 236 or