Information for current students

The last few months have been unprecedented and we have had to make some significant changes to the way the University operates.

Our plans for all aspects of the new academic year are taking shape and we’ll be updating these pages over the coming weeks as we finalise more of our arrangements, so please do check on the information regularly.

Take action and protect others

Back to campus

Activity is gradually returning to both our Loughborough and London campuses. We are working in a carefully managed way to put in place a range of measures and procedures to minimise the risk to everyone in our community.

Visit the Back to campus website

Frequently asked questions

Your studies

Will lectures and other classes be running in the new academic year from October 2020?

Yes. Both our campuses, in Loughborough and London, will be open. You should therefore make plans to come to the University as normal to undertake your studies in the autumn, unless the Government advice alters and we notify you otherwise.

We plan to deliver teaching in person where we know we can do it safely and provide additional learning online where required, through a combination of real-time interactive sessions and materials that you can study in your own time.

Will my lectures and other classes be held in person or online?

We plan to deliver teaching in person where we know we can do it safely and provide additional learning online where required, through a combination of real-time interactive sessions and materials that you can study in your own time.

Will I need to wear a face covering for lectures and classes?

You must wear a face covering when moving around indoor public areas and during in-person classes; this includes common communal areas, multi-occupancy toilets and all teaching rooms. The University will be able to provide face coverings to all students through their Hall or School.

Students who are not able to wear a covering for underlying health reasons are strongly encouraged to obtain a special exemption lanyard by contacting Student Services at

The University policy on the use of face coverings can be viewed viewed online.

Students should also abide by the face covering policies that apply off campus - for example when in shops

The Seven Golden Rules

Which study facilities are open on campus over the summer?

The Library is open for personal study. Study spaces are also available in James France. Some study spaces may be available in your School/Department. Please check with them direct to find out where these are.

Will all the study facilities by open from the autumn?

We are planning to have all our study facilities open across both our campuses from the autumn, with appropriate social distancing and safety measures in place.

Will my tuition fees be reduced this year?

Teaching, learning and assessment are continuing, and therefore no reduction in tuition fees is intended.

If I want to make a complaint as a result of the impact of Covid-19 on my studies, what should I do?

You should follow the University’s normal procedures under Ordinance XXXVIII for making a complaint, unless your concerns relate to the marks you have been awarded, in which case you should instead submit an academic appeal after Programme Board decisions have been published and you have received your results for this academic year.

If you wish to make a complaint, you might like to bear in mind the following points to assist us in addressing your concerns in a timely manner:

  • Please make clear in what way you believe the University has not fulfilled its responsibilities to you as a result of the Coronavirus situation, providing details of the modules and why you believe the teaching delivered was not adequate;
  • Please explain carefully how you think you have been adversely affected. As noted above, if your concerns relate to the marks awarded, then please follow the academic appeals process instead;
  • Please explain why you feel that the mitigating actions taken by the University have not been adequate;
  • Please provide an indication of the action you seek from the University.

Your complaint will be considered under the formal complaints procedure and should be addressed to the Academic Registrar in the first instance via the student complaints email address (


Complaints relating to the impact of Coronavirus in Semester 2 will only be considered after the relevant examination board has taken place and Semester 2 results have been released to students.

Complaints relating to Semester 3 for taught postgraduate students will be considered after the final examination boards have taken place.

If I have been tested positive for COVID-19 before I am due to arrive on campus, what should I do?

Students should arrive on campus no later than two weeks into term to start their studies (Monday 19 October). However there is an exception this if you have been tested positive for COVID-19. We ask that you do not come onto campus until you have quarantined for the full fourteen days required since being diagnosed.

You will need to contact your Programme Administrator to let them know and to ensure they can provide the relevant support and resources for your academic studies whilst you are self-isolating. Your Programme Administrator’s name and contact details can be found by logging into your Student Self-Service account.



I have assessments as part of the Special Assessment Period – how will they be managed?

These will be held remotely. Further information is available on the Remote Assessment page.

Will I need to complete a Mitigating Circumstances form?

You should not normally need to submit a Mitigating Circumstances form as a result of the changes to teaching and assessment in relation to the current coronavirus situation.

We will gather detailed information as to how changes have impacted each module and, if we consider it appropriate, we will take steps to mitigate this as described in other sections on this page. We will be working closely with Loughborough Students’ Union to ensure that any actions taken are fair and reasonable. 

However, if you have specific individual circumstances (e.g. genuinely exceptional, serious or acute medical, family, personal, or other problems or events beyond your control) which have affected your studies then you should complete the Mitigating Circumstances form in the normal way. Similarly, if you feel that your work has been disproportionately affected by changes to teaching and assessment because of your own individual circumstances, then you should complete a Mitigating Circumstances form in accordance with Regulation XV11.

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to submit an Mitigating Circumstances claim relating to the Covid-19 coronavirus, you will not be required to provide supporting medical evidence for any illness, and you SHOULD NOT seek such evidence from the University Medical Centre or from any other medical service, at the current time.


I’m due to move in to a privately rented house for next year – can I do that now?

Yes, you are allowed to do this.

Will University hall accommodation be open?

Yes, it will be open.

I’ll be living in hall next year. What happens if I need to self-isolate at any point?

We will make sure that appropriate facilities and support are available to you.

Student support

I am an international student and I am being threatened and abused – what should I do?

We take all allegations of abuse and harassment very seriously. You can report the matter to the University via the Online Incident Reporting Portal, the Security team in Loughborough, at main reception at Loughborough University London or the Police. If you feel in immediate danger, you should dial 999 and ask for the Police.

I have concerns about my Tier 4 visa – what should I do?

If you would like advice about your visa position, you should contact the Student Advice and Support Service.

I am feeling anxious and upset about this situation. Who can I talk to?

We know it is a challenging time for everyone, and that you might be feeling worried or stressed. Your mental health and wellbeing are of utmost importance, so the University has made available a set of resources and guidance to help support you.

The Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity team have launched a webpage with practical tips and advice on managing your mental health during this time. Each section is available in text and video format, with topics including working and studying from home, maintaining a healthy routine and staying connected with others.

The Yellow Book (log in with your university credentials) contains a wealth of tools for students and staff – in text and audio format – to help you manage your response to stress using a range of different methods, including breathing exercises, spoken affirmations and creative activities.

You can also access the LU Wellbeing app, which is free to download on any smart device and can be found on the App Store or Google Play.

Social activities

Will social activities be running and sports facilities etc be open?

The Students’ Union will be running a programme of activities that allow everyone to adhere to the social distancing rules and the Government advice at that time.

In relation to their night-time venues, the Students’ Union will follow the Government’s advice at the time. Numerous activities will be in place, but with a focus on smaller events rather than large gatherings or activities associated with a high level of risk due to the number of people in any one place.

All the Union’s sections – such as Action, Rag, Enterprise, Societies, Welfare and Diversity, Media and Education – will be running, taking into account any Government guidelines in place. LSU Advice will be open to support students.

We will run the most extensive sports programme that we are able to, in accordance with Government guidance.

Placement students