Meet our academic staff

Meet the academic experts who’ll be teaching you at postgraduate level in each of our subject areas.

Mumin Abubakre

Dr Mumin Abubakre

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Digital Economy

Mumin's research interests span the digital economy and the implications of digital innovation on individuals, businesses, and societies.

Oksana Adamyk

Dr Oksana Adamyk

University Teacher in Accounting and Finance

Oksana's research interests are focused on three areas: reforming public sector accounting in emerging and developing economies; auditing; and an interdisciplinary perspective of accounting.

Michelle Aitken

Michelle Aitken

Senior University Teacher

Michelle has been lecturing at Loughborough for 15 years now at both undergraduate and postgraduate level and her areas of expertise are international business, strategy and governance.

Nikolaos Argyris

Dr Nikolaos Argyris

Senior Lecturer in Operational Research

Nikos’s research interests broadly lie in the interface and applications of mathematical optimisation, decision theory/analysis and economics.

Albert Attom

Dr Albert Attom

University Teacher in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour

Albert has over 10 years of teaching experience and leads various leadership and HRM modules across the department.

Nishat Babu

Dr Nishat Babu

Lecturer in Work and Organisation

Nishat’s research interests primarily focus on servant leadership, abusive supervision, micro-level social responsibility and employee wellbeing.

Nick Barker

Nick Barker

University Teacher in Enterprise and Innovation

Nick has held senior roles at small to medium firms, international corporations, and started his own businesses.

Sarah Barnard

Dr Sarah Barnard

Senior Lecturer in Sociology of Contemporary Work

Dr Barnard's research focuses largely on gender, organisations, sociology of higher education, and sociological research in science, engineering and technology.

Anna Rita Bennato

Dr Anna Rita Bennato

Senior Lecturer in Economics

Anna Rita’s research interests span across different areas of applied microeconomics, with a focus on industrial organization.

Nicholas Black

Dr Nicholas Black

University Teacher in Work and Organisation

Nicholas's research interests lie principally in how organisations impact people and society.

Kate Broadhurst

Dr Kate Broadhurst

Senior Lecturer in International Business, Strategy and Innovation

Kate's research interests include economic development, place-based partnerships, collaboration and service co-production.

Vitor Castro

Dr Vitor Castro

Reader in Economics

Vitor's expertise lies in economic growth and business cycles; fiscal and monetary policy; political economy; health economics; applied econometrics; duration analysis.

Lei Chen

Dr Lei Chen

Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Dr Chen's research focusses on financial literacy, corporate and social responsibility, information disclosure, and banking and financial institutions.

Ali Choudhary

Professor M. Ali Choudhary

Professor of Economics and Public Policy

Ali's current areas of interest are the developing economy frictions of formal and informal labour, product and credit markets, and economic growth at the firm level.

Maxine Clarke

Dr Maxine Clarke

Director of International Programmes

Maxine’s research interests lie mainly in the field of international education (specifically student mobility) and the development of entrepreneurial attitudes and behaviour.

Iain Coyne

Dr Iain Coyne

Reader in Organisational Psychology

Iain is the Programme Lead for the Business Psychology and Work Psychology MSc degrees. His research focuses on selection and assessment, work behaviour productivity and bullying at work.

Huw Edwards

Dr Huw Edwards

Senior Lecturer in Economics

Huw is the Programme Lead for Economics and Finance MSc. He has been researching the economics of globalisation, international economic relations and international business for many years.

Suzanne Elayan

Dr Suzanne Elayan

Lecturer in Information Management

Suzanne's research is interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary, mainly focused on the role of language in various social media platforms.

Fiona Ellis-Chadwick

Dr Fiona Ellis-Chadwick

Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Retailing

Fiona had a successful commercial career in retail management and since becoming an academic has worked on projects to advance research in digital marketing and online retail management.

Alessandra Ferrari

Dr Alessandra Ferrari

Reader in Economics

Alessandra is an applied microeconomist and has contributed to several consulting projects for both public and private institutions on a variety of topics.

Stephen Frost

Stephen Frost

Senior Teaching Fellow

Stephen leads the MSc degree programmes in Finance, and joined Loughborough in 2013 after a career in investment banking and consultancy.

Elena Georgiadou

Dr Elena Georgiadou

Lecturer in International Management

Dr Georgiadou lectures in international business, international negotiations, and enterprise and employability, with research interests in international business and commercial diplomacy.

Thorsten Gruber

Professor Thorsten Gruber

Professor of Marketing and Service Management

Among Professor Gruber’s current main research interests are service failure and recovery, service robotics and transformative service research.

Jacob Gwa

Dr Jacob Msughter Gwa

University Teacher in Management Science and Operations

Dr Gwa teaches in operations management, quantitative business skills, and global logistics and supply chain management.

Chris Holland

Professor Chris Holland

Professor of Information Management

Chris has worked at the interface of business and technology for over 30 years with a range of international business organisations.

Dr Qilin Hu

Lecturer in International Business, Strategy and Innovation

Qilin's expertise is related to family firms SEW, family resources and family innovation.

Uchitha Jayawickrama

Dr Uchitha Jayawickrama

Senior Lecturer in Information Systems

Uchitha leads the Information Systems and Digital Innovation MSc. He has published research in various renowned conferences, books and journals, and has won two best paper awards.

Peter Kawalek

Professor Peter Kawalek

Professor of Information Management

Peter is interested by the digital economy and the effects of digitization on business and society. He is developing a research stream related to the attention economy.

Dr Allyson King

University Teacher in Economics

Allyson's areas of interest are economic growth, international trade, structural change, productivity and macroeconomics.

Olga Kombeiz

Dr Olga Kombeiz

Lecturer in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour

Olga’s research interests include the impact of work design and the built environment on work outcomes and occupational health.

Jingsi Leng

Dr Jingsi Leng

Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Jingsi’s research covers a wide range of topics including corporate insolvency, dividend policies, managerial overconfidence and equity issuance market (IPO and SEO).

Baibing Li

Professor Baibing Li

Professor of Business Statistics and Management Science

Baibing’s research focuses on statistical machine learning and data mining covering a wide range of topics such as predictive modelling, dimension reduction, and forecasting.

Rachael Mabe

University Teacher in Marketing

Rachael is passionate about active learning opportunities and championing employability and sustainability in marketing.

Nina Michaelidou

Professor Nina Michaelidou

Professor of Marketing

Professor Michaelidou’s research interests lie in the area of consumer behaviour and specifically personality traits, emotions and health behaviours, as well as social media usage.

Alistair Milne

Professor Alistair Milne

Professor of Financial Economics

Professor Milne has held positions in several higher education institutions as well as organiations including the Bank of England, HM Treasury and the National Statistical Office of Malawi.

Dr Arinze Christian Nwoba

Lecturer in Marketing

Arinze's research interest focuses on the interface between organisational sustainability strategies, managerial networking relationships, emerging market strategies and market performance.

Kayode Odusanya

Dr Kayode Odusanya

Lecturer in Information Systems

Kayode is a multidisciplinary researcher keen to conduct micro and macro-level research that informs the management of organisational IT and public policy.

Dr Destina Ovuakporie

Lecturer in International Business, Strategy and Innovation

Destina’s research lies in the area of innovation and strategy with interest in open and collaborative innovation, innovation capabilities, and global innovation networks.

Vidya Sukumara Panicker

Dr Vidya Panicker

Senior Lecturer in International Business

Vidya is Programme Lead for MSc International Business. Her research investigates the relation between corporate governance and strategic management in emerging market firms.

Grammatoula Papaioannou

Dr Grammatoula Papaioannou

Senior Lecturer in Business Analytics

Grammatoula is Programme Lead for Business Analytics MSc and her research interest focuses upon optimisation techniques.

Anna Raffoni

Dr Anna Raffoni

Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Anna is Programme Lead for Social Science Research (Business and Management Studies) MSc. She holds a track record of publishing in leading academic journals.

Simona Rasciute

Dr Simona Rasciute

Senior Lecturer in Economics

Simona's research relates to the use of economics in decision making, particularly in the area of health and wellbeing.

Clare Ravenwood

Dr Clare Ravenwood

Associate Lecturer in Information Management

Clare’s main research interests are digital preservation, selection and censorship, and archives and community engagement in business.

Michelle Richey

Dr Michelle Richey

Senior Lecturer in Technology and Entrepreneurship

Michelle's research interests relate to the sociology of entrepreneurship, refugee entrepreneurship, social inclusion and social enterprise.

Duncan Robertson

Dr Duncan Robertson

Lecturer in Management Sciences

Dr Robertson’s research concentrates on strategy dynamics, modelling the interaction of firms, societies and individuals.

Andrew Rothwell

Dr Andrew Rothwell

Lecturer in Work and Organisation

Andrew is Programme Lead for Human Resource Management MSc and has over 20 years’ experience of academic leadership, teaching and programme leadership at university level.

Brian Searle

Brian Searle

Associate Lecturer in Marketing

Brian is Programme Lead for Marketing MSc, an accomplished and qualified educator with over 20 years' commercial experience in the communication industry.

Eva Selenko

Professor Eva Selenko

Professor in Work Psychology

Eva’s research focuses on precarious employment situations and how these affect wellbeing, identity and behaviour, publishing her research in leading academic journals.

Natalie Sermon

Natalie Sermon

University Teacher in Employability

Natalie has worked in careers education for several years and leads the 'Personal Development for Employability' module.

Jo Silvester

Professor Jo Silvester

Professor of Work Psychology

Jo is an academic and practitioner whose research focuses on leadership emergence and effectiveness in complex work environments.

Kavita Sirichand

Dr Kavita Sirichand

Senior Lecturer in Financial Economics

Kavita's research interests lie in the areas of applied financial economics and macroeconomics, time series econometrics and forecasting.

Patrick Stacey

Dr Patrick Stacey

Senior Lecturer in Information Management

Dr Stacey's expertise lies in managing games development and designing positive environments for creativity and cancer care. His current research focuses on emotion in information systems.

Martin Sykora

Dr Martin Sykora

Reader in Information Management

Dr Sykora is a multidisciplinary scholar at the frontier of computational social media research and sentiment analysis.

Kai-Hong Tee

Dr Kai-Hong Tee

Senior Lecturer in Finance

Dr Tee is an expert in financial investment risk. He has published in the areas of risk valuation/assessment and the potential risk issues and effects following the 2008 credit crisis.

Cheryl J Travers

Dr Cheryl Travers

Reader in Organisational Psychology

Cheryl's research interests and publications have mainly been in areas such as occupational stress, management of change, and women in management.

Thomas Triebs

Dr Thomas Triebs

Lecturer in Economics

Thomas’s research focuses on firm performance and its drivers including optimal structure, ownership, internal organisation and management practices.

Clive Trusson

Dr Clive Trusson

Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour

Clive’s research interests are generally concerned with the experience of work, with a more specific interest in IT work. Clive's work has been published in leading journals.

Andrew Vivian

Professor Andrew Vivian

Professor of Finance

Andrew has a strong international research profile with interests in the areas of investments, empirical finance, commodities and market efficiency.

Petros Vourvachis

Dr Petros Vourvachis

Senior Lecturer in Accounting

Petros's research interests are interdisciplinary and lie in corporate accounting and accountability, corporate social (and environmental) reporting, and corporate social responsibility.

Haofeng Xu

Dr Haofeng Xu

Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Haofeng's research interests include marketplace lending, FinTech disruption in the financial sector, textual analysis in accounting and finance, and machine learning in finance.

Dr Meilan Yan

Lecturer in Economics

Meilan’s research interests are mainly focused on banking regulation and supervision, financial risk measurement and management, and sustainable finance.

Huainan Zhao

Professor Huainan Zhao

Professor of Finance

Huainan's main research interests are in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, and financial markets.

Angelika Zimmermann

Dr Angelika Zimmermann

Reader in International Management

Angelika is Programme Lead for Management MSc, with her interdisciplinary research on cross-boundary collaboration contributing to scholarship and practice.