Dr Elena Georgiadou

  • Lecturer in International Management
  • Programme Lead for BSc International Business

Dr Elena Georgiadou is a member of the International Business, Strategy and Innovation discipline group at the School and lectures in international business, international negotiations, and enterprise and employability.

She has been the Director of the MRes in International Crisis Management as part of executive education in Loughborough Business School. Elena obtained her PhD in International Relations from Loughborough University and her research was funded by the Department of Politics and International Relations. She also holds a BA in International Relations and Diplomacy and a LLM in International Law (University of Kent).

Elena’s research interests lie at the intersection of international business and commercial diplomacy. Her research in this area concerns family firm internationalisation processes as well as the strategisation of commercial diplomacy as a governmental facilitator for SME internationalisation and access to international business ecosystems.

Elena’s research focuses also on international negotiations. Elena, along with Loughborough colleagues, have been recently awarded a grant of £300,000 from the ESRC's Brexit Priority Funds to conduct research in Brexit negotiations. The project's aims are to look into the impact of electoral dynamics in key EU member states on Brexit negotiating positions and produce a real-time mapping of stakeholders and their interests. This has the potential to create significant impact in terms of providing inputs to British negotiators and valuable information to the broader society.

Elena is a tactical reviewer in the Journal of International Relations and Diplomacy and the International Journal of Diplomacy and Economy.

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