Dr Anna Raffoni

Ms, PhD

  • Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
  • Programme Lead for Social Science Research (Business and Management Studies) MSc

Expertise: accounting performance management; business analytics; and strategic management accounting

Research groups and centres

Anna's research interests are interdisciplinary and mainly lie in the areas of:

  • performance management
  • business analytics
  • strategic management accounting

She holds a track record of publishing in leading academic journals, producing work in the areas of performance management and strategic management accounting, which has been recently published in the European Journal of Operational Research, British Accounting Review, Production, Planning & Control and Omega.

Anna teaches at the undergraduate and postgraduate level and in 2017 received the Dean’s Award for Early Career Teacher of the Year.

Anna joined Loughborough Business School in January 2015 as a Lecturer in Accounting. She previously held academic positions at University of East Anglia, Cranfield University School of Management and University of Bologna. She was awarded PhD in Management Accounting (customer value management) at the University of Florence in 2009.

Anna’s research interests cover five main areas within the accounting field:

  • Performance management in private sector organisations
  • Analytics performance management
  • Management accounting in changing environments including digital transformation
  • Lean management and servitised organisations
  • Customer accounting

Anna's research interests cover two, interrelated areas within the accounting field: performance management systems (PMS) and strategic management accounting (SMA).

A key theme guiding her work is the investigation of the role of PMS and SMA in changing environments and the development and diffusion of accounting innovations in private organisations.

In the PMS field, Anna's work initially focused on the design, use and effect of PMS on business performance in private sector organisations, using both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. In this context, her research has also explored the design and use of PMS in organisations moving towards the development of integrated product-service offerings and the diffusion of so-called “lean accounting” in organisations adopting lean management principles.

More recently, Anna's work has centred around the use of business analytics and Big Data in performance management and their potential impact on its diagnostic and interactive function. Whilst Anna's initial focus was on the design and use of ‘analytics’ PMS, her research agenda now includes the investigation of behavioural implications associated with the development and use of such approaches.

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