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Elevate your prospects: Secure future career success with Careers Network programme

The Careers Network is offering first and second year students interactive sessions covering all the essentials to prepare you for your future career.

The sessions will be held in U.0.06, Brockington on the following days: 

Tuesday 21 November, 6pm-8pm: Elevate your job search 

Get equipped with the tools you need to search for opportunities within the UK and internationally. 

Thursday 23 November, 6pm-8pm: Elevate your applications 

Learn how to make your CV and cover letter for the job you want and understand what employers are looking for. 

Tuesday 28 November, 6pm-8pm: Elevate your networking 

Start building successful networks and discover how to search for opportunities to enhance your career prospects using LinkedIn. 

Thursday 30 November, 6pm-8pm: Elevate your interview skills 

This interactive interview practice session is designed to boost your skills and help you secure the opportunity you want. 

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