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National Day for Staff Networks (11 May)

Loughborough University has a strong history of Staff Networks, no more so than today where we see them doing a great job in empowering colleagues, building their confidence and community and providing voice and influence across the organisation.

Current networks include the Staff Inclusivity Group, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Staff Network, LGBT+ Staff Network, Part-time Staff Group, MAIA - Loughborough's Women’s Network, International Staff Group, Working Parents’ Network, and the Armed forces Network Group. 

Staff Networks play an invaluable role in influencing and shaping the University’s policies and practices. They are safe and supportive spaces, where people have the opportunity to share and discuss their ideas, opinions and experiences. Being part of a Staff Network gives members a sense of belonging and a chance to play an important and valuable part in making Loughborough an inclusive place to work or study. They also provide a chance to get to know others and build connections. 

Today (11 May) is National Day for Staff Networks and a chance for us to thank all Chairs, Committee Members and members of networks for playing a part in building an equitable, diverse and inclusive institution.   

Vice-Chancellor Professor Nick Jennings commented: “The Staff Networks at Loughborough play a vital part in creating an inclusive, diverse and equitable organisation. By supporting their members and creating a safe environment for discussions on personal experiences, ideas and opinions, they have a powerful impact on Loughborough University’s activities and values. Today is an opportunity to thank those from our Staff Networks for all the work they’re doing to help create better futures for everyone at the University.” 

In addition to the ten Staff Networks mentioned on the University’s website, an additional network is currently being developed for colleagues from Grades 1-5. The network’s focus will be on: 

  •  Encouraging collaboration and giving space to develop ideas 

  • Celebrating success, creating a sense of pride and belonging 

Some of the planned initiatives will include: 

  • Experience exchange with coffee mornings/ chats to build trust 

  • Workshops to develop skills 

  • Events to show excellence and appreciate and award success 

Here is what some of the Staff Networks’ members have to say about being part of one: 

“I joined the University in August last year and becoming part of the LGBT+ Staff Network helped me to feel at home here. Being connected to other people who understand the lived experiences of LGBT+ people help me to feel supported and accepted at work. The LGBT+ community at Loughborough is active and vibrant and I joined the LGBT+ Staff Network committee, which helps me to feel that I am doing something positive for the LGBT+ community. This contributes to my wellbeing at work, and makes it feel like working here is more than just a job!” - Robin

“Being part of the Staff Inclusivity Group is a great way to connect with other people at the University with a disability and learn about their experiences of working here. As a group, we are clear that when we identify barriers to the inclusion or wellbeing of disabled staff we take action, not only raising the issue with appropriate colleagues but offering solutions too. We are a welcoming and friendly group and it’s an excellent place to receive support and advice from colleagues in similar situations.” - Amanda 

More information about the Staff Networks and how to get involved can be found here.