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Let's Talk Loughborough Pride asset

Let’s Talk Loughborough celebrates Pride Month

The Chairs of the LGBT+ Staff Network and LGBT+ Association join the podcast to talk about the importance of representation, pride and community in this month’s episode.

Chris McCleod and Issie Bickerstaff discuss how their networks support staff and students at the University as well as their plans for Pride Month.

Make sure to keep an eye on their socials and the University channels so that you don’t miss a chance to get involved with the annual Pride March around campus, as well as social events put on by the student network.

Both Chairs encourage allies to come along to their events as it is a great chance to hear about other people’s experiences and learn more about why Pride is so important.

On the LGBT+ community on campus Issie said: “I think it is really lovely for incoming students to see that we are so visible and all the work that we do. I know, for me, that is one of the reasons I chose Loughborough.”

The guests also talk about who inspires them, how to educate yourself on LGBT+ issues and how to get more involved in activism.

Let’s Talk Loughborough is available to listen to on all mainstream podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. It can also be viewed on the University’s YouTube channel

Find out more information about the LGBT+ Staff Network and follow them on Twitter.

More information on the LGBT+ Association can be found on the LSU website and you can follow them on Twitter.