LGBT+ Staff Network

Welcome to the LGBT+ Staff Network

The LGBT+ Staff Network encompasses all staff that identify as LGBT+ or who are allies*. The Network has monthly meetings that are open for all to attend at any time. Here, staff come together to highlight LGBT+-related issues on our campuses, organise events and campaigns for awareness and celebration, and to provide a space dedicated to ensuring that LGBT+ staff are represented, supported, valued and have a structure through which they can instigate change.

If you are an LGBT+ staff member or ally* at Loughborough University, you are most welcome to attend the events and/or monthly meetings or to send me an email about anything LGBT+-related. Whether you actively connect with the Network or not, the aim of the discussions and actions from our monthly meetings is to represent our LGBT+ staff across all areas of the university.

If you have any questions, issues, would like to be added to the LGBT+ staff mailing list or attend a meeting or event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

* An ally is someone that aligns with and supports a cause with another individual or group of people

Chris McLeod Chair, LGBT+ Staff Network

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Aims of the network

  • to be champions of inclusivity and diversity
  • to provide support to LGBT+ staff
  • to promote LGBT+ issues and reach solutions where possible
  • to ensure our campus and institutions are inclusive, safe environments for the LGBT+ community