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Let’s Talk Loughborough: Consent, Good Sex and Relationships

In the latest episode of Let’s Talk Loughborough, hosts Jemima and Soph are joined by Florie and Emily from LSU’s Consent and Sexual Health (CASH), Jessica from The Amber Project, and Jamie, a Loughborough student and male ally.

The episode begins with conversations around consent, good sex and relationships. The group discuss why consent is important, how to communicate with your partner and how to ensure everyone is safe.

Jamie commented: “Consent is a continuous thing. It should always be enthusiastic and fun. It’s about communication and asking those questions and being aware.”

The discussion also looks at porn vs reality – how people are turning to porn for sex education and the implications this is having on young people’s perceptions of sex, relationships and consent.

Florie added: “People confuse porn trends with sex trends. They think that things they see in porn are things that lots of people are doing.”

Jamie also shares how he is trying to educate himself to be a better ally and the group discusses what it means to be an active bystander and support those who have been subjected to sexual violence.

The episode highlights support for those who have been subjected to sexual violence – from the University, the Students’ Union and local service, the Amber Project. We recognise that it is not just women who are affected by sexual violence, and many of the resources and support discussed are available for men, non-binary and trans people too.

Resources discussed during the episode:

Information for those looking for support:

  • Loughborough University’s dedicated webpage on consent and sexual violence – created to inform, educate and support staff and students on matters linked to consent, sex and relationships
  • The University’s Incident Reporting Tool
  • First Step Leicester provides free confidential services to men who have been subjected to sexual violence
  • Quetzal provides free support help women recover from childhood sexual violence - although this is a female-only service, Quetzal can signpost men looking for support to appropriate services
  • Sexual Violence Recovery Toolkit – run by The Amber Project, this course aims to help those who have been subjected to sexual violence with the trauma they may be experiencing. Sessions will be running from 9 March and can be booked via Target Connect. You are encouraged to attend all 10 sessions
  • Living Without Abuse is a domestic and sexual abuse charity based in Loughborough that supports all affected by domestic abuse and/or sexual violence
  • The Amber Project supports anyone who has experienced sexual violence
  • United Against Violence and Abuse provides domestic and sexual violence services for anyone over 13 in Leicestershire and Rutland
  • Leicester LGBT Centre provides person-centred, general and specialist counselling for anyone identifying as LGBT+, their family members and allies
  • Trans and Non-binary support and advice service – run by Lisa Vine, an LGBT+ advocate, consultant and trainer based in Loughborough

Information on sexual health

Information on being an ally and an active bystander

Information on consent:

You can listen to the latest episode of Let’s Talk Loughborough on streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. You can also watch the episode on the University’s YouTube channel