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Join the Student Panel and have your say

The University’s Market Research Team are looking for students to join the Student Panel.

The team needs the views of current students to help shape its approach to new degree programmes, marketing and design concepts, and matters relating to student access and participation in higher education.

Any current students are welcome to sign up – whether you are an undergraduate, postgraduate or research student.

When you sign up you will receive an email invite to participate in a range of different market research activities throughout the course of the academic year. Some will be online polls or short surveys, others may be a focus group or one-to-one interview. 

There is no obligation to take part. When you are invited you can simply sign up to those you can attend and are interested in.

Being part of the Student Panel is an excellent development opportunity and gives you exposure to a range of market research methods. There are also incentives for certain activities with the opportunity to win vouchers.

For more information and to sign up, please see the Student Panel webpage.

Please note that this research is linked to independent projects run by the Market Research Team and is separate to student feedback on modules, programmes or teaching.