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Autumn careers fest asset

Don’t miss the Autumn Careers Fest

Autumn Careers Fest is six weeks (11 October – 19 November) of events and engagement opportunities with some of the top graduate recruiters across a variety of sectors and industries.

The festival includes:

  • Employability Sessions: Designed to upskill and assist you with applications and recruitment processes.
  • Careers In… events: Your chance to get an insight into a particular industry/sector.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Feel inspired and empowered, hearing stories from individuals from a range of backgrounds.
  • Employer Presentations: Learn more about an organisation and what they can offer.
  • Virtual Mock Assessment Centres: Get yourself prepared and ready for any future Assessment Centres.
  • Autumn Careers Fair – your opportunity to meet face to face with some fantastic organisations.

In order to make these events accessible as possible, a majority of them will be run through MS Teams.

However, the Autumn Careers Fair will be held on Tuesday 19 October, 11am-4pm, on campus in the Sir David Wallace Sports Hall. This is your chance to meet organisations and discuss the opportunities they have. You can view the full list of attendees here.

To see the full event schedule and book your place on to an event, please log into Careers Online.