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Tutorials to help you succeed in your academic life and workplace

The Library has created a suite of tutorials to help you succeed – whether this is helping you develop your research skills, learning how to reference or interviewing for a job.

The following tutorials are available (log-in required):

ARK Discover helps you to find relevant information that is appropriate for university-level research.

ARK Evaluate: Being able to evaluate the information you find is an important life skill. You will need it for the workplace, for your studies, for assessing health information and in your everyday life.

ARK Reference: When you use other people’s work or ideas you need to acknowledge your sources, making clear what information came from where.

ARK Information Ethics: It's extremely easy to share information and files. Make sure you know how to use digital resources ethically.

ARK Manage covers keeping your files secure, keeping yourself up to date and keeping your references organised.

ARK Careers and Enterprise: covers the research skills and methods needed for becoming an entrepreneur and looking for a job.