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Net Zero Futures Conference

Early career researchers from Loughborough recently attended the Net Zero Futures 21 conference, organised by the Centre for Postdoctoral Development in Infrastructure, Cities and Energy (C-DICE) and the Energy Research Accelerator.

C-DICE is a world-class postdoctoral development programme which aims to empower early career researchers to develop the skills necessary to help society progress to net zero. ERA works with UK government, industry and the higher education sector to undertake innovative research, develop the next generation of energy leaders, and demonstrate low carbon technologies that help shape the future of the UK’s energy landscape.

The one-day conference was an opportunity for attendees to discuss the transition to a zero-carbon future in the light of the COP26 summit.

The keynote speaker for the day was Dr Nina Skorupska – Chief Executive of REA, The Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology. Her talk highlighted the work that is being undertaken to ensure fair and sustainable implementation of net-zero policies and technologies, to decentralise, digitalise and democratise the energy networks.

She concluded with future projections of carbon output based on government strategy, which led to the panel discussion: What will the future challenges for Net-Zero be, and how will early career researchers help us get there?

Loughborough’s Dr Sam Pering, a Doctoral Prize Fellow, attended the conference. He said: “The Net Zero Futures Conference was a fantastic opportunity to discuss the transition to a low-carbon society with people from all subject areas, and there were some very encouraging signs of future progress.”