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Preparing for your exams

As Semester 2 exams commence next week, we want to make sure you feel prepared for your exams and have all the information you need to know. Remember, you’ve got this – and we’re here to support you on the way.

1. Check your exam timetable

Your timetable is published on Learn, and it’s important you familiarise yourself with it as well as any specific guidance for the exams you’ll be taking.

The timetable will show the start and end times of your exam, and for short window (1b) exams the final submission time takes into account any extra time including rest breaks which may have been agreed for you. If you have additional time for download/upload this will also be included.

2. Reasonable adjustments

If you have a disability or medical condition that you think could affect your performance in examinations and assessments, the Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity team can assess whether a reasonable adjustment should be put in place to enable you to demonstrate your true academic potential.

This may include rest breaks and/or extra time sitting exams, or a scribe or other human assistance.

If you have any concerns regarding your reasonable adjustments and how they will be accommodated when taking online examinations, please email

3. Plan in advance

Prepare for your online exam by checking out our tips below:

  • Practice how you are going to approach the exam, including knowing how you are going to prepare and submit your answers
  • Note down in advance how to get help if you have a problem on the day
  • Study your material as thoroughly as you would for any other exam – do not assume there will be time available to look up all the answers! Decide and organise what materials and resources you plan to use.
  • Check what format is preferred for completing your answers (it may be Word processed and/or handwritten).
  • Make sure you’re familiar with the guidance on uploading your work to Learn in advance of the day.

4. Have a go at the Practice module on Learn

You can access the practice module on Learn as many times as you like, and we strongly recommend that you do so at least once in order that you can familiarise yourself with the process of downloading and uploading documents. You should also practice combining a variety of file types (handwritten scanned/photos and computer files) before your exam to avoid problems at the time of submission.

5. Comply with exam rules and regulations

As online exams are open book, you may use a variety of resources and information for your answers, including books, the internet, teaching materials, calculators, and software packages.

Your answers must be entirely your own work, and you must not use answers or content provided wholly or in part by others/other sources.

In addition, you must not share any information or discuss how to interpret or do the questions with anyone else whilst you or they are taking the exam.

You can read in more detail about academic misconduct here.

Other support services

For more information about support services – including personal support, maths and academic language help, as well as information about study spaces available across our campuses – visit our dedicated Exam Support website