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Illustration of the Loughborough campus with the words 'Mental Health Awareness Week' written at the top

Mental Health Awareness Week: Getting out in nature

This year’s theme for Mental Health Awareness Week focuses on spending time outdoors.

Despite the fact the weather hasn’t been on our side this week, we still want to highlight the importance nature has on our wellbeing so that once the sunshine comes back, you have some food for thought.

We have compiled a list of articles below that feature on the Health and Wellbeing blog. Hear from our staff and students  the ways they use nature to improve their wellbeing:

How nature and the outdoors can improve your mental health whilst being at university

Fine Art Student, Sam Fairhead shares her favourite places to walk in the local area and how she has used walking to improve both her physical and mental health during the pandemic

Eight outdoor activities to boost wellbeing

Last summer, we compiled a list of fun activities that could be enjoyed outdoors on your own or with others, including gardening, picnics and nature spotting.

An eight-step yoga practice

Research and Enterprise Marketing Officer, Paula, teaches yoga outside of her day job and shared her eight-step easy yoga routine. Yoga can help to settle the mind and if the weather permits, you can even take your mat outside and complete the routine surrounded by nature.

Mindfulness and Self Care

Mindfulness and self-care also play an important part in maintaining good mental health.

Second-year Psychology with Criminology student, Lauren shared her tips for incorporating mindfulness into her day, including how she utilises journaling.

Fellow student Yasmin also created a self-care vlog, detailing the ways in which she looks after her wellbeing.

The Loughborough campus is a great place to enjoy nature as we share it with lots of wildlife including ducks, muntjacs and hedgehogs. The Fruit Routes walk running next week is also a chance to see the all the fruit and nut trees located across the campus. After the 1km walk you will be able to try out teas from plants foraged on campus and find out more about the Fruit Routes project.

More information on Mental Health Awareness Week and how the University can support you is available here.