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The TORCH Academy - A Programme for Academic Women at Loughborough

In the context of the institution’s work on gender equity, People and Organisational Development are delighted to announce a dynamic new programme to support the progression of academic women at Loughborough.

The TORCH Academy is a vibrant, insightful programme focused not only on the individual, but as importantly, on the structures, systems, processes, and attitudes that might need to change to enable gender equity. Our vision is for the TORCH Academy to not only support women’s academic career progression but enable a real shift in culture.  

Why TORCH?  

Based in part on the quote below by Audre Lorde - feminist, poet, and civil rights activist:‘You need to reach down and touch the thing that’s boiling inside of you and make it somehow useful,’ Audre Lorde.    

When we are successful, we can pass the torch, reach down our hand and bring up the people that are still to go through it.  The torch is our metaphor for bringing the passion and fire within oneself to develop, and when this is achieved, we are ready to pass the torch to our colleagues that are ready to rise up as we did.  

Adèle MacKinlay, Director of People, Organisational Development and Leadership Champion for EDI commented: "Our aim is to deliver equity of opportunity, aspiration and experience to everyone at Loughborough. The Torch Academy will provide a stimulating and invigorating environment that enables professional growth and progression and discussion and challenge to current barriers to success."

Who should attend? 
There will be two cohorts with 12-15 participants in each group.  We are looking for diverse cohorts of participants at Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Reader level.  The programme will be expertly facilitated by Jo Bostock MBE and Liz Grant OBE of Fantail Development.

More detailed information is available here: Torch Academy