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photo of a graphic with a computer that says 'Binary is for computers'

Image credit: Delia Giandeini on Unsplash

International Non-Binary People’s Day (14 July)

Today is International Non-Binary People’s Day, which is aimed at raising awareness of the issues faced by non-binary people around the world.

The awareness day was initiated in 2012 and forms part of Non-Binary Awareness Week. Currently, there are very few countries around the world that acknowledge non-binary as a gender identity through law. And with the UK Government recently dismissing a petition with more than 130,000 signatures calling for legal recognition of non-binary being a gender identity, there is a long way to go for true recognition and equality in our country too.

In the latest post on the LGBT+ Staff Network blog, staff member David Wilson shares their story and experiences as someone who is non-binary, with a pivotal moment being during their time working at Loughborough University.

Furthermore, David discusses recent years which have seen transgender people reach a public platform like never before – with transgender celebrities such as Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox appearing on the front cover of famous publications – and both the good and the bad that has come out of increased coverage.

The work of Stonewall, of which the University is a Diversity Champion, has also asked David to be part of their latest campaign aimed at school and college pupils, to normalise the existence of non-binary people and increase visibility for our future generations.

To find out more, read David’s blog post here.