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Disability Pride Month

Since 2015, twenty-five years after the Americans Disability Act was signed (which legally prohibited the discrimination of people with disabilities), the USA has celebrated Disability Pride Month.

Over time, it has gradually become more well-known in other countries such as the UK. For example, Brighton hosts an annual Disability Pride Festival featuring various stalls as well as live performances and art by people with disabilities.

Disability Pride Month shines a light on those with visible and invisible disabilities and aims to raise awareness by sharing experiences, advocating for diversity, and educating society on the challenges and barriers those with disabilities face.

The University’s Staff Inclusivity Group, chaired by Emma Nadin, is committed to achieving equality for all those who work across both campuses, and encourages the University to provide a workplace where all colleagues are treated with respect and equal opportunities. The Group also echoes the ethos of Disability Pride Month by fostering important conversations with staff about disability.

According to Scope, there are 14.1 million disabled people in the UK and more than a third of disabled people feel there is a significant amount of prejudice around disability.

For more information relating to Disability Pride Month, please take some time to read the article below: 

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The Staff Inclusivity Group is open to any staff member who identifies as having or being affected (eg a carer) by physical or invisible disabilities. For more information, please contact the Chair, Emma Nadin at