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Working safely at home

With many of us still working from home using our IT equipment, itis useful to take a minute to ensure that you are working safely:

 If, after reviewing the above, you feel you need to make changes you should speak to your line manager.

You could also modify how you work by adopting simple measures to improve your working posture:

  • adjusting the screen position and height
  • using a separate keyboard
  • avoiding sitting for prolonged periods
  • taking regular rest breaks from repetitive activities

Some examples of good homeworking practices can be seen here.

If you are still experiencing pain and discomfort while working from home after making changes to your workstation and your working routine, you should contact your line manager to discuss what can be done to help you, including the option for referral to Occupational Health. 

For technical issues around IT connectivity etc and general guidance and backup with any IT problems, contact IT Services here