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HOPE Barack Obama poster

Poster Project – Campaign for a better world

LU Arts is encouraging the University community to campaign for a better world by designing your own political posters.

The Poster Project is a unique webpage where you can upload your own poster designs on issues and topics that matter to you.

The political poster has been a powerful campaigning tool in protests throughout history; an effective communication tool using bold design and imaginative wordplay to make their message heard.

In this current period of uncertainty, LU Arts wanted to offer our talented students (and staff) the opportunity to design posters that will make visible the issues that concern them. Students are also encouraged to browse and download the published posters to display on windows, noticeboards or bedroom walls. LU Arts will present a selection of the posters on bus shelters, digital screens and noticeboards so that the campus becomes a canvas for the campaign and the issues that students want to shout about.

There are a number of suggested themes for your poster including climate change, Black Lives Matter, mental health and LGBT, but you do not need to be limited to these. LU Arts is looking for posters to provoke, to challenge and to be passionate but the submitted posters will be moderated to ensure that they are not abusive or defamatory.

There are a series of prizes on offer for students for the best posters, which will be judged by Nick Slater, Director of LU Arts and Simon Downs, Lecturer in Graphic Communication.

You don’t need to be a Fine Art or Graphics student to enter; we are looking for innovative ideas and messages that communicate your issue, so don’t worry if you are not the best artist in the world. Many of the posters that have been used in campaigns across the world have not been done by artists but people who want others to hear their message.

The deadline for submission of posters to be judged as part of the competition is Friday 18 December.


  • 1st Prize: £250
  • 2nd Prize: £150
  • 3rd Prize: £100
  • Special Prize: £50 for the poster that is downloaded the most

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