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Students encouraged to take part in end-of-term clear out

Students who have stayed in Loughborough throughout the coronavirus pandemic are being encouraged to get behind an end-of-term blitz on waste on Saturday 4 July.

Charnwood Borough Council and waste management partner Serco have teamed up with Loughborough University to organise the big clear-up in student areas of the town including Kingfisher Way and Park Road.

Cllr Jenny Bokor, lead member for Loughborough, said: “While we know some students moved back to their hometowns before lockdown, some are still in Loughborough and some will be returning to clear out their accommodation. Therefore, we want them to take notice of the campaign to make sure they recycle and dispose of their waste before leaving for the summer.

 “We’ve done an end-of-term blitz for a number of years and it has always proved to be successful as we help students clear out. Working together means we can all do our bit to help Loughborough stay clean and tidy.”

The event which is held annually at the end of the academic year targets around 2,000 student properties to give people a chance to get rid of things they don’t want to take home. A list of streets which will be targeted can be found on the Council’s website.

Jenny Ardley, Community Warden at Loughborough University, said: “Even though some students are not in the town right now, we know they will be returning and clearing out their accommodation before July.

"The end of term clear-out is really important for the University and we want as many students as possible to remove their waste and recycling before going home for the summer.”

Recyclable materials can be put in the green wheelie bin and waste in the black wheelie bin for collection. Anything that doesn’t fit in the bin should be clearly labelled. Building waste or fixtures or fittings will not be collected.

Bins should be presented for by 8am on July 4 and be put back on the same day of collection.

Bulky waste items such as large electrical items or furniture can be removed by the Council for a small charge. These types of collections cost £20 for three items and a list of eligible items is available on the Council’s website; more information can be found here.

Most large items can also be taken to one of the local refuse sites at Mountsorrel which is currently open, or Shepshed which is due to open on June 25. People will need to book an appointment in advance on the Leicestershire County Council website.

For further information, please email