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Opportunity for researchers to share COP26 expert insights with Parliament

Parliament is looking for experts with insights into topics relating to COP26 (the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference).

This is an opportunity for researchers, and anyone who has experience or knowledge in areas relating to COP26, to join the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology’s (POST) COP26 expert database and share their insights.

In November 2021 the UK will host COP26, the UN climate summit that will be vital for international efforts to respond to climate change.

POST is inviting those who sign up to respond to several questions asking experts what they think the UK Parliament and Government’s priorities should be while preparing for and delivering COP26.

Findings from the survey will feed into the BEIS Committee inquiry on ‘Net Zero and UN climate summits.’

Those who sign up may be contacted by parliamentary staff, or Members of either House of UK Parliament or their staff, in order to help them scrutinise Government preparations for COP26 over the next 16 months.

You can find more information, including a link to sign up, here.