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University face coverings policy effective from 7th September

The University’s Face Coverings Policy will come into effect from Monday 7th September 2020.

The Policy states that face coverings are required in: 

  • communal indoor public areas in buildings such as EHB and James France
  • lecture theatres and teaching rooms (Lecturers will not be required to wear a face covering when delivering lectures, as a minimum of 2 metres’ distancing should be in place. Where it is not possible to maintain this distance, additional mitigations – Perspex screens or face shields – will be implemented
  • multi-occupancy toilets
  • main thoroughfares and common communal areas
  • campus shops

 Face coverings would not be required in:

  • offices (including multi-occupancy offices)
  • areas where the use of face coverings would be impractical (for example where staff and students eat or drink)
  • laboratories, workshops and other practical teaching spaces (unless a local risk assessment says otherwise)

Face coverings will be required when you are moving around the library, however, some private study areas where social distancing can be maintained will be exempt. Study areas will be marked accordingly.

The University policy is in addition to the legal requirements in England, as outlined on the Government’s website.

Line managers or supervisors will provide a face covering to staff and doctoral researchers who require one. Face coverings will be provided to students either direct or through distribution points.

Please remember that some people may be unable to use face coverings because of medical conditions, for example. These staff will be be able to get a special lanyard to show that they are exempt from the requirement. These will be available from HR - you may be asked to give a few details about why you are considered to be exempt. You may also choose to wear a Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyard to show your exemption.

How to wear a face covering properly

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