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Tilly stood next to award hosts on stage receiving her award

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Celebrating Neurodiverse Talent: Undergraduate of the Year award presented to Loughborough student

A student at Loughborough was handed one of the top awards at this year’s targetjob’s Undergraduate of the Year Awards.

Tilly Sawyer, who studies International Business, was named the winner of the category ‘Celebrating Neurodiverse Talent Undergraduate of the Year’ at the Pelligon in Canary Wharf.  

Tilly went through an extremely competitive process with three application stages which over 5,000 students took part in. 

Tilly was diagnosed with dyslexia during her time at Loughborough. She is currently undergoing a placement year at PwC within the Inclusion, Culture and Wellbeing team. During her time in this role, Tilly has actively sought out mentoring opportunities, as well as chances to attend training, talks and events to develop her skillset professionally. 

On her charity days at PwC, Tilly volunteers for Crisis UK by providing an extra pair of hands in one of their stores or warehouses. Additionally, she also tutors disadvantaged students on an ad hoc basis for free outside of work if they’re struggling with a specific subject. In her spare time, Tilly loves sport and plays water polo, netball and squash.  

She said: “The support I received at Loughborough University getting my official diagnosis of a neurodiverse condition and the further support pushed me to enter this competition. I’m thrilled to have been announced the winner!  

“I’m glad I was able to showcase the skills I’ve learnt growing up neurodiverse, such as my resilience, creativity, and adaptability throughout the course of the competition. I hope this also proves to others that being neurodiverse is an asset and not a setback." 

All of the winners can be viewed on the dedicated website.