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Diversity within the Loughborough University community

Loughborough University is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive community for its staff and students.

The University offers a range of support groups for students and staff alike to ensure that their experiences at Loughborough are positive and offers resources that can help them in various circumstances.

Among the many opportunities that the University provides for students to get involved with various groups and communities, there are also networks that students can rely on for support when they feel they need it. Loughborough University students can find many resources and support through Loughborough Students’ Union (LSU), LSU Societies, LSU Welfare and Diversity, Student Services, and further resources for students based at the London campus.

The University’s 2030 Strategy involves developing vibrant and inclusive communities, benefitting all areas of the staff and student community. Loughborough aims to spotlight and address concerns and inequalities faced by a diverse range of people, with impact spanning local and international communities. We will ensure that our life-shaping student experience develops individuals who have a positive influence across diverse communities, improving society and enriching cultures.

As part of the University’s commitment to improving equity, diversity and inclusion, EDI Services have launched the Voices of Diversity event series. These panel discussions led by Loughborough staff and students helps to promote values of inclusivity among the Loughborough community and encourages allies to be active in their support of diverse communities.

Loughborough has a range of staff networks which have been established by staff from all over the University to help empower colleagues, build their confidence and sense of community, and provide them with a voice and influence across the University. These groups encourage engagement in many areas of the University, providing opportunities for career development, networking with other colleagues, and creating better working relationships with colleagues across the University.