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Annual Leave Entitlements for Colleagues on Grades 1-5

Dear Colleagues, I am writing to you with positive news of changes to annual leave entitlement for most colleagues in grades 1-5.

A common theme has been expressed in our staff surveys by colleagues in grades 1-5, that the differences in annual leave entitlements between different grades is inequitable.

The differences arise because colleagues on grades 1-5 are contractually entitled to flexi-days and overtime for agreed work outside of their contracted hours, whereas the conditions of service for grades 6 and above (who have 30 days’ leave) are based on indeterminate hours with no entitlement to flexi-days or overtime.
That said, the University has listened to the feedback from the staff survey and proposes to begin to close the differential in leave.

Backdated to 1 May 2024, the vast majority of colleagues on grades 1-5 will now receive additional annual leave, as shown in the table below (pro-rata where relevant). Uplifts will also be from the anniversary of the colleague's start date rather than (as of now) the 1 May following the anniversary. 

We have consulted with our campus union colleagues who have been encouraging of these changes.
From 1 May 2025 we plan to introduce arrangements to allow all colleagues (including grades 6-9) to purchase additional annual leave through a salary sacrifice scheme. The scheme is currently being developed.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all my colleagues for their hard work, but especially today colleagues on grades 1-5 who play critical roles in supporting our students, our research, our facilities, and the safe and effective operation of our campus.

    Day 1/
5 years' service 25 years' service Bank holiday and Closure days
Current Grades 1-5 20 25 27 14
New Grades 1-5 22 26 27 14