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International Day: Celebrating diversity within Loughborough University

During February, the International Students’ Network (ISN) are holding an International Week. This is an opportunity to share your culture with other students on campus.

The International Day Stall will be held on Monday 19 February (12pm-4pm) in The Basement inside Loughborough Students’ Union. Attendees can expect to explore different cultures through food, performances and games representing the variety of cultures present around campus.

International Day Stall and Performances sign up form.

The International Creative Fair will be held on Tuesday 20 February (12pm-5pm) in The Basement and The Treehouse, both located in Loughborough Students’ Union. Students will be able to share their culture with other students on campus through teaching them how to make arts and crafts.

If you are interested in running a stall, the International Students’ Network will be looking to offer some financial support of up to £40 for any students who would like to showcase elements of their culture at the fair.

International Creative Fair sign up form.

Sign up for both events closes on Friday 2 February.