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‘You’re Right, That’s Wrong’: Advice on calling out inappropriate behaviour

Loughborough University is signed up to support the ‘You’re Right, That’s Wrong’ campaign, an initiative designed to help make Leicestershire a safer place for women.

The campaign was created by the Leicestershire Police and Crime Commissioner to help those who notice their friend is behaving inappropriately towards women, by giving them the confidence to call the behaviour out. 

Whether it’s catcalling in a public space, insulting a woman on a night out when she’s turned down someone’s advances, or not leaving her alone when she’s said no, the chances are, members of our University community have all witnessed this, and many of our community will have been subjected to it too. This behaviour left unchallenged can cause serious harm over time and potentially escalate into something worse. 

If you notice a friend is crossing the line, here’s how to have the conversation: 

  • Be Direct – if it’s safe to do so, call out their behaviour and say it’s not okay. This can be during or after the situation. 
  • Get Help – if you see something that’s not right, speak to your other mates and decide the best way to act. 
  • Distract – if you notice a mate about to act out of line, change the situation to stop it from happening. Change the conversation, suggest doing something else – just get them away. Then speak to them about their behaviour. 

The dedicated website for the campaign has additional video resources to provide examples of how to approach each of the responses above, as well as clips of diverse groups and individuals discussing negative behaviour towards women and what needs to change.  

If you experience harmful behaviour, you can get help from the University’s Security Team, LSU Security, as well as your Hall and Community Warden.