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Social media workshops to help raise the profile of your research

Building on the success of our previous social media workshops, the University has partnered with The Brand Education once again to offer two practical and interactive modular workshops for academics.

The sessions are as follows:

  • Tuesday 12 March, 12.30pm-1.30pm - This workshop is for academics who are on social media but don’t use it regularly for their research and those who don't currently use social media.
  • Thursday 21 March, 12pm-1pm - This workshop is for academics who already use social media regularly for their research.

Search for ‘social media’ in the Learning tab of my.HR to book your place.

These workshops have been tailored to address the main challenges faced by many academics, from social media ethics and codes of conduct to implementation strategies for posting research online and ways for creating meaningful industry links and collaborations.

Each session is designed to equip academics with the practical techniques and learnings they require so they can confidently raise awareness of their work and increase citations and profile using social media.

The workshops will feature speakers both from outside of the sector, providing an expert perspective on using social media for research purposes, as well as the University's very own academics who are utilising social media to raise awareness of their research.