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Student Leadership Elections: Run to be an LSU Executive Officer

Throughout March, the Loughborough Students’ Union (LSU) Student Leadership Elections are taking place. Students will be able to vote to elect Executive Officers for the upcoming academic year.

Being an Executive Officer is an incredible opportunity to act as an important voice for students’ issues, providing opportunities to develop plans and see them through to execution. A variety of transferable skills can be gained, including organisation, strategic development, leadership, and communication, advancing your professional skills which you can use to further your career.

All current Loughborough University students are eligible to run for a full-time paid role on the LSU Executive Officers Team. Current Executive Officers are also able to run for a second term in their current position or another if they wish to.

We encourage nominations from students in currently under-represented social groups, such as members of the BAME, International, Disabled, LGBTQ+ and Doctoral Researcher communities.

Nominations open on Friday 1 March and can be submitted online or in person to the Acting Returning Officer before the deadline on Thursday 7 March. Results night will be held on 20 March, announcing the new Executive Officers for academic year 2024-25.

Current LSU President, Molly Page, commented on her time in the position: “In this position I'm able to not only amplify student voices or advocate for change, but to also focus on key issues such as mental health support, diversity and inclusion, academic resources, and sustainability initiatives.

“This role is even more than I could’ve hoped for, I get to work alongside skilled people in their fields, voice the student opinions within the University decisions and effect changes that students have voiced within the student union, it's been a brilliant year so far and I can't wait to see what this second half brings!”

Academic Experience Executive Officer, Lot Burgstra, said: “Whether it be talking about what students want from their assessment and feedback, how we can best support students when it comes to their mental health or telling the University leadership team about the struggles current students go through, there is always a big or impactful meeting in each week.

“The Student’s Union side of the role is the one I enjoy most. I get to talk to a range of students and see what kind of amazing projects they put on. I support the representation team as well as the department committees, so it is really nice to be able to switch from an important University meeting to a fun and engaging student-led event.”

Find out more information about the Student Leadership elections and the roles available.