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Loughborough University commits to international student experience by signing up to the UK Agent Quality Framework (AQF)

Loughborough University has joined universities across the country in signing up to the Agent Quality Framework to commit to adequate standards for the applicant journey for international prospective students.

The AQF has been developed by cross-sector bodies such as Universities UK International (UUK), British Universities International Liaison Association (BUILA), and the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA). 

The framework provides a standard for how UK institutions work with agents and recruitment partners to recruit international students, placing student experience and integrity at the heart of the relationship. By making this pledge, Loughborough demonstrates its commitment to enhancing the application process for prospective international students and their overall student experience.  

The pledge’s principle focuses on empowering student choice and enabling informed decision-making, whilst promoting ethical agent practices which are professional and governed to offer a transparent process for applicants.  

Loughborough joined the University of Leicester and De Montfort University in signing up to the AQF pledge which means all three Leicestershire universities who are part of the Leicestershire Universities Partnership, a civic agreement signed in July 2022 by the region’s three universities and local authorities, are now committed to this framework.   

Simon Foster, Deputy Director of Global Engagement at Loughborough University commented: “Loughborough University is firmly in support and committed to the Agent Quality Framework and delighted to join many other universities in the UK in committing to this pledge which we see as a positive development for the entire sector. This is good for our international agent partners and for potential students as it safeguards everyone.” 

Lily Rumsey, Director of Global Engagement added: “We are delighted that all three Leicestershire universities through the ‘Universities Partnership’, have committed to the Agent Quality Framework pledge. By applying this framework, we are sending a clear statement that Leicestershire universities will continue to implement the highest sector-wide practices for engaging with our international agent network to ensure that excellent standards for our students and partners are met. This framework is a positive development for the sector and is being fully endorsed here at Loughborough University.”