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Close-up photos of Carol Leeming MBE, Tracey Fox and Nicole Acquah in a row with the title 'Black History Month' above in red, yellow and green lettering.

Loughborough University is hosting three speakers for an exciting Black History Month event

On 25 October, the Loughborough EDI team is hosting three speakers for an event that will centre around this year’s Black History Month theme of 'Saluting our Sisters'.

Opening the day, Carol Leeming MBE will give a talk on ‘The History and Legacy of Slavery’. A combination of a talk, poetry, and personal accounts, the session will explore the history and legacies of slavery and the racism still entrenched in our society. Carol is the Lead Artist of Dare to Diva, creating innovative and culturally diverse performing arts, literature, and digital media. She received the Queen’s honours MBE in 2019 as a poet and playwright, and for her contribution to Leicester's arts and culture.

Tracey Fox will then be giving a talk on ‘Legacies of Slavery in Higher Education'. The talk will focus on the legacy of slavery and its impact on conflict in the workplace, specifically in higher education. Tracey will explore the way conflicts arise in relation to racialised minority groups through stereotyping and assumptions. The talk will also address the inequitable outcomes for staff and students of racialised minority backgrounds. Tracey is a highly experienced mediator with a long-standing interest in race relations in the workplace. The workshop will also highlight how often conflict can stem from a legacy of slavery and colonisation.

Finally, Nicole Acquah will be performing her play, ‘Sankofa’, shortlisted for the Women’s Prize for Playwriting. Presented by Acquah&co theatre company and written by Nicole Acquah, ‘Sankofa’ is an exciting theatre show interweaving live music and African storytelling, exploring second-generation Ghanaian experiences and what it means to belong to the African Diaspora. Nicole is an actor, writer and educator, and she has worked on a variety of productions, exploring topics including race, faith, sexuality, and womanhood. The play will be followed by an experiential African art workshop led by the Loughborough EDI team, exploring key tools involved in West African storytelling structures.

Terry Tetteh-Martey and Vanessa Garber will also be performing with Nicole on the day. Graduating from Tech Music School with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Popular Music Performance, Terry Tetteh-Martey has worked with a range of artists across concerts, festivals, theatre, and more, both in the UK and overseas such as Tic Tac (Ghana), Chevelle Franklin (Jamaica), Kirk Whalum (USA) and Volney Morgan and New-Ye (UK) to name a few. Always ready to bridge the gap between performer and audience, Terry is no stranger to being present when it comes to bringing art to life through the medium of music.

As a professional composer, sound designer, and multi-instrumentalist with a passion for innovation, Vanessa Garber has consistently demonstrated the ability to create captivating auditory experiences that transport audiences into immersive worlds. With over two decades of experience as a flutist and playing four other woodwind instruments, her proficiency as a musician is undeniable. Having attended Berklee College of Music and completed a Master of Science degree in Sound Design at the University of Edinburgh, Vanessa has honed her understanding of both music theory and sound technology. This diverse educational background has allowed Vanessa to seamlessly blend traditional musical elements with cutting-edge audio techniques, resulting in soundscapes that elevate storytelling to new heights. As a woman who is part of the global majority, Vanessa brings a unique perspective and voice to sound design. By infusing stories with diverse soundscapes and amplifying marginalised narratives, Vanessa fosters inclusivity and authenticity in her projects. 

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