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Two mesh cylinders

Between Light and Shadow exhibition

Yeshan Yang from the School of Design and Creative Arts is showcasing their work in this immersive and interactive exhibition.

Yang’s sculptural works, which include cage-like structures, challenge perceptions and the boundaries of reality. They do this by generating moiré patterns that challenge spatial depth and create motion where none exists. 

You can see the exhibition, 20 November-15 December in the Martin Hall Exhibition Space, 12pm-2pm on weekdays. No booking is required.  

The research behind this exhibition has focused on analysing how illusion affects the boundaries of reality and perception through visual ambiguity in sculptures that have the structure of a cage. Furthermore, this has extended into explorations of how moiré patterns can challenge perceptions of sculpture’s materiality and dematerialize it perceptually. 

Yang’s dual cylindrical structures create a mesmerising illusion of flow, undulation and transformation, which blurs the lines between the material and the immaterial.  

As you explore, your movements become integral in intensifying these illusions and challenging conventional material form. This exhibition also unveils a treasure trove of research models, studies, and reflective surfaces that mirror the art of perceptual ambiguity. 


There is step-free access into the gallery via a ramp and side door. During opening hours, there will be an invigilator on duty in the gallery. If you require their assistance, then please alert them on arrival by calling to them or waving at them – the entrance to the gallery is fully glazed and the main entrance door should be open. 

For more information about the venue, including photographs, view the access guide for Martin Hall on AccessAble. 

If you have any specific access requirements then please contact in advance of your visit and we will do our best to accommodate them.