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Establishment of the Loughborough University Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Service and introduction of the Director of EDI Services

A message from Professor Charlotte Croffie, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

I am writing to inform you that after a period of reviewing the EDI structure, a decision has been made to establish an EDI Service.

The rationale behind this is to bring the EDI team together into a single operating structure under a Director of EDI Services, as a place of focus, a hub for the University and to develop a centre of excellence to provide information, advice, support, and guidance.

Its function will be to work in conjunction with myself and the rest of the University to deliver our Loughborough ambitions, as stated within Creating Better Futures. Together and underpinned by the emerging Core Plan. 

In essence, this will be to:

  • Prioritise activity that eliminates systemic inequities and individual harm for those in the University with protected characteristics and other identified marginalised groups
  • Create an environment that embeds equity, diversity, and inclusion as everybody’s responsibility
  • Identify, dismantle and redesign our policies, processes, and structures to embed and assure anti-discriminatory practice and outcomes honestly and openly.

The introduction of the EDI Service will also signal within the University and to external parties that EDI remains one of our key drivers and Loughborough operates as a leader in this space.

I am also pleased to announce that after following an appropriate HR process, Veronica Moore will take up the position of Director of EDI Services in April. The role brings together aspects of EDI that impact both the staff and students and the broader Loughborough community. Many of you will have worked with Veronica and will agree with me that she brings a wealth of skills, experience and knowledge in these complex areas and I am pleased to welcome her to the role. I look forward to working closely with Veronica on the journey to becoming an anti-discriminatory and more inclusive organisation. The role will be strategically responsible to me as Pro Vice-Chancellor (EDI), but in line with typical Professional Services structures at the University, will report to Richard Taylor, our Chief Operating Officer.