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Upcoming Staff Wellbeing Café to focus on mental health resilience

The next Staff Wellbeing Café takes place on 21 September from 2pm-4pm at the Village Bar.

These cafes form part of the Wellbeing Framework, which aims to increase health and wellbeing opportunities for staff. More information on the Framework can be found here.  

They are intended to be a safe but informal space, so colleagues are reminded that they should not feel obliged to stay for the full duration.  

Next week’s theme will be Mental Health Resilience. As the new semester arrives it is important to ensure that we maintain our mental health and utilise resilience tools, and this session serves as a reminder of the tools available to us and also provides an opportunity to share tips and techniques.

The Wellbeing Café is also an opportunity for colleagues to relax from the daily stresses of life, meet others, and seek wellbeing advice and guidance. Please note no booking is required.