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Introducing Project Compliance

The University has a new Strategy to 2030 and a renewed ambition. To help us achieve this new ambition, the University is launching a series of enabling projects.

Following the launch of Project Enable earlier this year, we are now launching Project Compliance.

Project Compliance will work to operationalise a new approach to complying with our legal and regulatory obligations and seek to engender a cultural change whereby everyone understands what their responsibilities are in relation to different compliance areas and are supported to achieve them.

The University operates in an increasingly regulated world. It is important that we take a proportionate and intuitive approach to compliance, which secures the safe operation of the University, our colleagues and our students while giving colleagues freedom to respond to opportunities in a timely way – to help us to meet the challenge set for us in the new Strategy.

The following summarises our new approach to compliance:

  • Inform: Clear training and guidance for staff on compliance needs and clarity of expectations, to empower colleagues to self-serve and build compliance into their activities in a tailored and proportionate way, where it makes the most sense
  • Support: Targeted support available to those who need it, where it adds the most value – freeing colleagues up to support more activity, more quickly
  • Assure: An internal audit working with the compliance leads will spot check that compliance issues are being dealt with appropriately, providing clear conclusions and precise actions for follow up
  • Lead: Deans, Heads of Professional Services and managers are responsible in securing the proper conduct of their staff in relation to compliance and taking appropriate action where processes are not followed. Leaders will support a local culture of compliance aligned with the University approach.

The Project will initially focus on areas of compliance where adopting this new approach will result in a net reduction of the steps and effort required to secure compliance, for colleagues across the University. It is intended that our approach to new and existing compliance regimes will be aligned with the ISAL framework, where that is appropriate.

A pilot is currently underway and the Project will begin onboarding new compliance workstreams from June 2022.

Colleagues are asked to identify activities that (1) serve a compliance function (ie something which stems from laws, regulations, concordats or charters) that does not currently operate in the spirit of the ISAL framework and (2) where realignment could lead to a reduction in the work involved in securing compliance.

If you have suggestions, please email them to John Houghton, OD and Change Advisor and Project Manager at and the project team will be in touch.