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Behind the Mask: The literary festival by Loughborough students

MA Creative Writing and the Writing Industries students at Loughborough are hosting a literary festival 30 May-4 June which is open to students, staff and the public, and sponsored by LU Arts.

The festival will explore identity, diversity and the effects of living behind a mask. The series of events will combine serious and reflective work, with both humour and lighter themes, bringing awareness to the literal and figurative masks that occupy the space between creative writers and their writing.

Behind the Mask is part of the students’ module Writing in the Community. Students are tasked with conceptualising, developing and organising a festival that represents Loughborough University as a centre of excellence for creative writing. Within this festival, each student has to present a 10-minute reading that engages with the festival's theme and ethos. 

The full programme of events is below and they are all free to attend:

Behind the Mic: A Night of Voices

Monday 30 May, 6pm onwards, Organ Grinder

This open mic event is headlined by Jamie Thrasivoulou and Nafeesa Hamind.

Behind the Words: Exploring Poetry

Tuesday 31 May, 7pm-9pm, White Hart.

Behind the Mystery: Unveiling Crime Writing

Wednesday 1 June, 5pm-7pm, Online

Behind the Mask: Beyond Loughborough

Friday 3 June, 6pm-8.30pm, Martin Hall Theatre

This event will see Loughborough's own published authors returning to talk about their success and ability to navigate the publishing world.

Behind the Mask: Unveiling Stories and Experiences

Saturday 4 June, 10am-4.30pm, Martin Hall

This event will include bookstalls, professional readings, student readings and discourse about writing. There will also be a 'low-sensory' room which will consist of pre-recorded poetry from Kerry Featherstone, Natalie Moores and Daniel Sluman that is accessible through headphone devices to accommodate all individuals who want to experience our event. 

Lauren Oliver, a Student Course Representative said: “People can expect a well constructed, inclusive environment where, through debate and writing, we elaborate on the difficulties of both our personal and societal world.

“We aim to highlight the medium of writing as a successful and healthy tool to exercise free speech and emotion, and want to unveil people's stories and experiences.”

You can register for Behind the Mask online