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University offers new support service to employees

The University has partnered with Remploy, a support service available to all staff.

If you feel that your mental wellbeing is impacting your work, or stopping you from attending work, you can contact Remploy free of charge. The new service offers expert advice on a wide range of issues for up to nine months.  They offer virtual, confidential one-to-one appointments to help you to feel at your best.

Remploy can provide:

  • A wellbeing plan to help you stay in or attend work
  • Ideas for suitable workplace adjustments
  • Tailored coping strategies

To access this support, you must be in employment or on an apprenticeship scheme. This can be attending work or signed off from work, and your health concerns can be diagnosed or undiagnosed. There are virtual sessions available on 14 July, however other dates are available.

Sarah Van Zoelen, Occupational Health and Wellbeing Manager at the University says: “We all have times when we find our mental health is struggling, where our mood is low or our anxiety levels are high. Often these are short lived symptoms, but if you are finding that the symptoms persist and begin to impact your overall wellbeing, then it’s time to access support."

“With over three million people across the UK on waiting lists for mental health support, it is important that we as a University have support options available for our staff. Friends and colleagues often say ‘call me if I can be of any help’ but the act of calling can be very challenging if your mental health is compromised. Remploy will contact you, check in with you, be the impartial support to help you navigate the symptoms. We have been using this service through Occupational Health as an additional option in our toolbox of support for employees along with our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).”

You can book an appointment with Remploy by calling 0300 456 8114 or by completing their online referral form. This is a confidential service that will not share information with the University unless you would like to.