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Photo of the Progress Pride installation painting on the road, with the Hazlerigg Building and lawn in the background

Loughborough University shows visible allyship to LGBT+ community across its East Midlands campus

In recent weeks, the University campus has seen the addition of multiple rainbow flags across its site, including a brand-new colourful installation on the road between the Hazlerigg-Rutland Lawn and Loughborough Students’ Union.

From lamp post banners profiling our brilliant LGBT+ students, to flags proudly flying in the wind and our 7.5m x 3.7m painted installation on the ground, the flag symbolises and celebrates the diversity of the LGBT+ community and holds a stance for a more inclusive society.

The Progress Pride flag is a development of the original Pride flag which featured the colours of the rainbow as a symbol of hope. In 2018, it was redesigned by artist Daniel Quasar and then again in 2021 by Valentino Vecchietti to be inclusive of and celebrate a range of communities.

The increased visibility across the East Midlands campus was initiated as part of Loughborough’s celebrations for LGBT+ History Month this February.

Charlie Wheeldon, Co-Projects Lead for the LGBT+ Staff Network commented: “Our new installation and flags send such a valuable and important message of acceptance, inclusion and support for all students and colleagues at Loughborough. We are delighted to work for a University that understands the crucial significance of visible signs of support, allyship and celebration for the LGBT+ community.”

Vice-Chancellor Professor Nick Jennings said: "All members of the University should feel equally welcome and included. This is one small way in which we can do this."

On Monday 21 February, the LGBT+ Staff Network will be hosting an event from 5.30pm which all staff and students are invited to join. This event – which will light up the Hazlerigg Building in rainbow colours - will feature speeches from the Chairs of the LGBT+ Staff Network and LGBT+ Student Association, as well as the Vice-Chancellor Professor Nick Jennings. Hot drinks and refreshments will be available on the evening.

How to be a better ally

If you would like to find out more about how you can be an ally, here are some useful resources:

As part of LGBT+ History Month, the University is holding a series of events throughout the month. More information can be found on the dedicated webpage here