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Illustration of a girl growing from a baby to a young adult

PR team looking for academics to share research around children and young people for new campaign

The University’s PR team is planning for its next campaign, the focus of which will be ‘Children and Young People’.

The team is interested in getting a better understanding of the expertise at Loughborough and is keen to hear about exciting research that is to be published in the coming months.

The campaign is due to run this spring and will shine a light on research and expertise from across the Loughborough and London campuses that relates to children and young people - encompassing everything from healthy eating and keeping active, to child development and how to engage young people with STEM subjects.

As well as being informed of new research findings and projects, the team is also eager to hear ideas for short videos and longer read pieces – which could be pitched to media outlets like The Conversation.

Those interested in working with the media to comment on current affairs are also asked to get in touch.

The Children and Young People campaign aims to showcase the range and quality of research conducted at the University in this area. If you are interested in working with the PR team, please email