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Do you know your greenfinch from your wagtail? Take part in our campus bird watch next week (21-25 February)

The University’s Gardens team are encouraging staff and students to take part in their first campus bird watch on the East Midlands site.

From goldfinches and magpies to mallards and woodpeckers, the campus is home to a diverse range of species and the team are keen to understand which ones reside at Loughborough.

All are welcome to take part and explore the nature surrounding us whilst recording any species of birds you spot across campus from Monday 21 February – Friday 25 February.

Our 433-acre campus has an array of green, open spaces that are beautifully maintained by the Gardens team. It also is home to over 7,500 trees, which suggests it serves as an incredible habitat for birdlife.

Birds provide many services to our ecosystem, which is why they are a valuable indicator of how that ecosystem is doing. No matter where you go, there’s always evidence of birds even if you don't always see them.

University Arborist and keen conservationist, Rich Fenn-Griffin said: “Different species of birds feed on a variety of invertebrates, fruit and seeds. The presence of lots of different birds tells us about the structure of the University habitats, so the results of this survey will help us to adjust our management to create more diverse and resilient food chains which will encourage a greater variety of bird species to campus.”

A sheet has been created for staff and students to record their sightings, which will also have space for you to log any other wildlife you spot – we know our campus is home to grey squirrels, badgers, foxes, rabbits, and muntjac deer too. Please do not record any birds flying over campus as part of their migration route.

To help you on your way, here are some top wildlife-friendly locations to secure your best chance of spotting some birds on campus:

  • Holywell Park is a great place to find buzzards, water birds and maybe even a kingfisher if you’re lucky!
  • The areas around James France and Village Park are known as a home to blue tits, great tits and robins
  • You’ll likely see blackbirds, magpies, and wood pigeons all over the campus
  • Keep an eye out around the Meteorological Station if you’re looking to spot a green woodpecker, as they’ve been heard hammering away around there more recently.

You can download the sheet below or alternatively, visit the Library or the Print and Post Services Reception desk in the Herbert Manzoni Building from Monday to pick up a printed copy.

Campus Bird Watch Survey

At the end of the week, please email your findings to or drop off your sheet at either of the locations stated above.

And in case you’re unsure of a species you’ve seen and want to check it, try to take a photo and send it over to the Gardens team. You can also tag @lborouniversity on social to share your sightings.