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Notice for Academics: Module Teams - Academic Year 2022/2023

To improve the user experience when accessing and using Microsoft Teams, IT Services will commence the annual archival process for the existing academic year module Teams on the following dates:

  • Undergraduate: Week commencing 12 September
  • Pre-sessional, Postgraduate Taught and others: Week commencing 26 September

Once archived, the module Teams will appear in the team owner’s ‘archived list’ in the MS Teams application. For help finding or restoring these from the archive, please refer to the ‘Troubleshooting and guidance’ webpage.

The archived Teams will be subject to the same retention, renewal and expiry policy that applies to all Teams.

Module Teams for the 22/23 academic year

New module Teams are being created during the week commencing 22 August; Team owners will start to see them appear in their Teams application from that date.

All module Teams will be automatically activated the week commencing 19 September.

  • These will be populated with staff and students based on the data held in LUSI for each module
  • Staff and students will only be added to module Teams (not removed) to allow for manual additions to cover scenarios not captured in LUSI data such as meta module
  • All module Teams will be visible to students prior to the start of teaching.

Updated Panopto app for lecture capture in Teams

Panopto has released an updated app for Microsoft Teams which will be deployed during the week commencing 12 September.

Staff will be required to add the updated app to their Teams application and link the 22/23 module Team. More guidance can be found online.

Recordings of teaching sessions should be uploaded to Panopto, and staff will need to remind students that the official recordings are available from the Learn module page for that module.

Where can I get more information?

Technology Enhanced Learning training and drop-in sessions will be available at the start of each semester – to see the latest updates join the ‘Teaching and Learning’ Team.

For further guidance please visit the links below: