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photo of a man stood in the middle of an empty road

Image: Benjamin Bajramovic, Sarajevo 2013 by Julian Hughes

Staff and students invited to join four-week Street Photography course

Members of the University community who enjoy photography and want to explore a new artistic dimension of it are invited to join LU Arts’ upcoming Street Photography course, led by Julian Hughes.

Julian is a Nottingham-based artist whose practice investigates place, its history, geology, the people who inhabit it and the stories these tell. He documents his work through photographs, text and film. He also works as a photographer for theatre makers, architects, and designers as well as collaborating on creative projects.  

The course – which runs from 27 October-17 November – will teach attendees the skills and techniques required for street photography. You’ll take a journey around campus and through the streets of Loughborough on practical photo shoot sessions, in addition to learning about the history of street photography and the social and ethical challenges associated with it.  

To take part, you will need access to a SLR camera and be able to bring it along with you to each session. A breakdown of what each session entails can be viewed below: 

Week 1: Wednesday 27 October - Introduction 

You'll be introduced to the history of street photography, looking at the various approaches, subject matter and cameras and equipment that photographers choose to use. Julian will then talk in more detail about his approach to street photography and the work that has influenced him. You'll consider the social and ethical issues of photographing in public. 

Weeks 2 and 3: Wednesday 3 and Wednesday 10 November - Practical 

You'll be on location with Julian on campus and in Loughborough town centre trying out different approaches to street photography. 

Week 4: Wednesday 17 November – Editing and post-production 

In the final session Julian will show you how to edit, sequence and print work on a laser printer for a group discussion and feedback. You will then select images to be showcased online by LU Arts. 

All four sessions will take place from 2pm-4pm. Please note attendees will need to attend all the sessions to take part. The course costs £10 and those who are interested can book their place online.  


Further information 

  • The course will follow University social distancing guidelines when using the rooms on campus. 

  • The room locations on the University campus booked for Weeks 1 and 4 will have wheelchair access. If you have any specific access needs, please contact LU Arts via the booking form or by emailing in advance of the course starting.